Music Ministry

The focus of this page is St. Mary's Church

Our Music Ministry at St. Mary's - a gem but still a work in progress. How can you help?

In an article by John Tyler in 2015, he notes that "the Bible says that the people “strengthened their hands for the good work.” Our work as musicians calls for skill. While there are differing levels of natural talent among musicians, we are responsible to take the talent we’ve been given and develop it. Never be satisfied with the status quo. Always be looking for ways to improve personally. How can you learn to sing better? How can you learn to play your instrument better? As long as we live, there will always be some way we can improve."

But, he adds, "It is crucial to remember that music is not the end in and of itself. If we succeed as musicians but fail as Christians, we are building the wrong wall. God’s glory, the edification of the believer, and the salvation of the lost are the priorities of our work. Are we bearing fruit? Are we walking in the Spirit and allowing Him to lead and direct our lives? Do we see our work as musicians as part of a greater work?".

At St. Mary's,  music is like the mortar in a brick wall. It weaves together the many facets of our weekly service, and our annual programs. We are blessed to have a dedicated choir, and the many concerts throughout the year. But, we cannot take that for granted.