Vision = Values + Purpose + Mission


  • Vision begins with examining our values
  • Whatever we value will always drive and motivate everything we do: "We do what we value, and value what we do"
  • "We would like to have more of the younger generations as part of our parish ... eliminating programs/events would be difficult for us."
  • In this case our values may trump our desire to reach out to young families

Parish Survey: Values [we value:]

  1. Our Spiritual growth
  2. Our social relationships within our parish family
  3. Our existing programs and events (stopping any of them would be difficult for us)

Parish Survey: Purpose  [Our church exists to:]

  1. Live and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ according to Anglican traditions
  2. Support each member of our Parish family
  3. Reach out to the community

Our Parish Identity and Mission: We are:

  1. Committed Learners. We nurture our faith and display the joy Christ gives us (Discipleship)
  2.  Friendly Inviters: We invite our "neighbour" to experience our parish family (Evangelism)
  3.  Sacrificial Givers: We reach out to others (Outreach)

The Strategy for Growth (5-Year Plan) of the Parish of Central Saanich is to:

  1. Advance our spiritual growth through worship, teaching and Bible study (Discipleship)

  2. Strengthen our relationship with the community(Evangelism)

  3. Increase the number of engaged parishioners(Outreach)