What are our Key Strategies (to further our Mission)?

How will we progress towards those Strategies (what are some measurable Tasks achievable over the next 12 months)?

A.  Further our spiritual growth through regular teaching / sermon series / Bible study groups:

  • "Triangle Teaching" (Sermon series / Bible study)

  • Parish Weekend October 16 - 18 ("Jesus Said That?")

B.  Strengthen our relationship with the community:

  • Host the Peninsula Wine Fest event

  • Consolidate the Christmas Hamper program

  • Host a Valentine's Dance in 2016

  • Host the "Christmas Tree Trail"
  • Soup's On

  • Parish Pot Luck for Maundy Thursday

C.  Attract more "Boomer families":

  • Start one new small group aimed at the "Boomer family"

  • Offer a workshop aimed at the needs of Boomers (eg. aging parents, retirement planning, caring for grandchildren)

D.  Support children and youth in their spiritual growth through our existing programs:

  • Summer camp in July

  • Youth Group / Confirmation preparation

  • Sunday School program

  • "Gems" program

E.  Attract more "Generation X families":

  •  For consideration after we achieve some measure of success with the "Boomer family"


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