Rev. Lon Towstego
April 19, 2019
Rev. Lon Towstego
Stations Of The Cross : Anglican / Catholic Joint Service

Before each station: Minister: We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you.

All: Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

After each station: All: Lord Jesus, help us walk in your steps.  

1. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane          Matthew 26:36-41

2. Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested     Mark 14:43-46

3. Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin         Luke 22:66-71

4. Jesus is denied by St. Peter                      Matthew 26:69-75

5. Jesus is judged by Pontius Pilate               Mark 15:1-5, 15

6. Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns          John 19:1-3

7. Jesus Bears the Cross                                         John 19:6, 15-17

8. Jesus is helped by Simon the Cyrenian to carry the cross        Mark 15:21

9. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem                            Luke 23:27-31

10. Jesus is crucified                                                       Luke 23:33-34

11. Jesus promises his kingdom to the good thief              Luke 23:39-43

12. Jesus speaks to his mother and the beloved disciple         John 19:25-27


13. Jesus dies on the cross                                              Luke 23:44-46

14. Jesus is placed in the tomb                                         Matthew 27:57-60