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Many thanks to all of you who have accepted the COVID routines in place in our churches. The folks who greet you, spray your hands, take your name and number for the contact tracing, also appreciate your cooperation.

These rules, which are set out by our friend Bonnie Henry and our Diocese, must be adhered to, as we have been permitted to have church services again.

It is important for your own health and for the others around you, that we continue to consider how we feel on the day of church or meetings, do not participate if you are not feeling well.

Even though, especially at St Stephens, it is easy to walk across instead of following the arrows around to your seats, we need to continue the modelling of this behaviour, it will help others much younger and sometimes older than you. Yes, even I forget.  However, it makes it safer for us all. Ian and his team spent a lot of time working out how seating can be done to maximize the numbers we can have, and we believe we have followed the guidelines, so we ask your ongoing help in doing as has been suggested. If you have attended church at St Stephen in the last couple of weeks you will understand how family groups are accommodated and how we sit alone if we come as a single person. Chairs vs pews create a different variable as does the space itself.  The short video (link above) will show you how the sites are set up and help you to get oriented.

It would also be helpful if you continue to let us know if you plan to come to church, just a quick email would help. We have not yet reached our maximum, which would mean having to turn people away, but knowing that we might have that concern before service start time on a Sunday morning would help us decide how we can handle it. 

Please confirm week to week if you plan to attend.
For St. Mary: Ian/ Jill Stuart at 250-598-9707, or [email protected]
For St. Stephen: Lynda Clifford at 250-655-6478 or [email protected]

So again, thank you so much for your patience, and understanding, as we work this all out together. This is new for us all, and we make mistakes, learn and sometimes find a better way, but it has been done to keep us all healthy and able to worship our loving God together, and as always remembering those of you who are not yet able to join us.

Masks can certainly be worn during the service if you wish to.

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.

Rev. Lon and the Leadership Team