1. Giving Our Thanks & Praise:

  • is a guide to increasing generosity and giving in your congregation to support God's mission.

The Guide is attached below. Also accompanying the Guide is a Workbook, that is also attached below. For a website resource provided by The Anglican Church of Canada click here

  • is a Parish Giving Program developed by the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia. (If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Susan Graham Walker at gtp@national.anglican.ca)
  • is A Faithful Response to God's Giving Program.

 2.  How do you Define Stewardship?

Recently some of the leadership team were asked to describe:

Why, When,  What, and How Much they understood Stewardship  to be. Their discussion was based upon the three cornerstone criteria of Stewardship, being:

  1. Time, 

  2. Talents, and 

  3. Talents (money).

The responses were as different as there were individuals participating in the discussion. It seemed to help clarify their commitment to Stewardship.

You are encouraged to write your Stewardship Statement or Story.

Some of those that have been started are attached as examples for you (click here for the "Stories").  It was overheard though, that the "story" might never be completed - more like a work in progress. 

And the more you tell somebody about your story, the more confident and comfortable you might become with telling others about it. Soon, you may well be able to tell your Story in the time it takes to get in an elevator and before you get off! - sometimes referred to as your "Elevator story".

Try it!