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However, even closer to home, there are families who do not have enough food. In the first section of the 94 Calls to Action, the concerns that are brought forth are about the care of children. These neighbours of ours, are not able to provide for the necessities and have asked for help to feed their families.

As we have gathered now on numerous occasions, to discuss our relationship with our First Nation Communities, often the question arises, what can we do? Here is an answer.  They have asked us for help, not something that is easy to do.  We all have pride and a desire to be self-sufficient. We have in our Parish, a Truth and Reconciliation Team, led by Lon. Recently, a group of us who are working with Lon have been learning and discussing Truth and Reconciliation in this Diocese, and in our communities. We have been meeting via zoom, and just prior to the planned meeting today (Thursday) Lon received the urgent request from Holy Trinity to please help!! One of the questions for today’s meeting was, what can we do? The answer came before the question!! God works in mysterious ways! He also tells us that when we care for His children, we care for Him! Our neighbours are the ones we are asked to reach out to.

Please help as you are able.
Holy Trinity calls their relationship “Companion Journeying” which clearly names what we are partnering in. We are grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to serve.
Below is a list of food items that are needed now, and this is an ongoing project.
There has been an arrangement where this food can be dropped off, which you can see below in the copied email.

Here is the grocery list. Please do check the Best before Dates.

• Rice
• Noodles (macaroni or spaghetti)
• Apple sauce
• Juice (apple, orange or random)
• Fruits or veggies (apples, oranges, carrots or potatoes)
• Corned beef (canned)
• Kraft Dinner
• Tomato sauce

During the Covid 19 crisis there is a need for groceries on the Pauquachin reserve.
Nichaela Sam, a member of the Pauquachin Band, sent this list of needed items to Thea. Apparently, there are 8 families who would benefit from our help.

I (Sybil Bagshaw) would be willing to be the contact person to help facilitate this task. I also live close to St Mary’s, so people who wish to donate, could buy these items, then bring them to my place at any time #16-1950 Cultra Court. If I’m not home, the groceries can be left by my front door. I plan to set up a shelf in my garage to accommodate these Items. Each week, 8 bags of groceries will be made up each from food that has been donated.
Every Monday morning, I or some other designated person, will then take these 8 bags groceries to the Pauquachin Band office.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Sybil Bagshaw
#16-1950 Cultra Ave, Saanichton, BC V8M 1Y9
250-652-0792 You can leave messages if she doesn’t pick-up.