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Greetings everyone.

First a reminder that especially in light on new wave or waves of COVID-19 we continue to strongly recommend wearing of masks for worship and especially while singing from the congregation. This is the most loving act of Christian kindness that we can extend to each other and visitors at this time. Please!

I hope that your summer is going well and that you are all safe. In our Book Study of ‘The Post Quarantine Church' one concept that I am reminded of is a deliberate way of being sure that all in the Parish are prayed for regularly. 

With that in mind we will begin praying weekly for two particular family units from the parish. We will put these names in the weekly bulletin and pray for the same people at St. Stephen and St. Mary. We will also offer the names in an Email the following week to encourage people to continue the prayer during the week. 

Two really important Points: 
1)    This is general prayer with no specifics so please don’t assume that there is “something wrong” with the people. It is meant to pray for them and their extended family. 
2)    You are welcome to “opt out” if you do not wish to have your name posted. If you wish, I can pray privately for you if you ask. If you wish to opt out please let me at or  

Note that other prayers for people who are sick or have long term needs will continue.