Each week at St. Stephen it takes a few volunteers to read the Scriptures and 
handle the Intercessions which are part of the flow in our Sunday 
services. Increasingly, we  finding it harder to fill in these 
Starting in September, we would like to have two voices reading 
Scriptures each week, along with one person doing Intercessions. 
If I can assemble a team of at least ten people, each person would 
only be serving once time per month. Our parish priest, Lon, will 
work with you to prepare and equip you for that task.
Please send an email to Bob Quicke at the office at St.Stephens.Church@outlook.com or to Lon at ltowstego@bc.anglican.ca  
• Whether you are, or are not, interested in helping;
• That you want to either read or pray;
• Which dates to year end on which you are NOT available
Thank you for taking on this important task which brings a benefit 
and comfort to all of our members

St Mary is in similar need. Please contact Lon at ltowstego@bc.anglican.ca or Leslie at Leslie Pedlow stmarys.saanichton@shaw.ca