Directions From Our Diocese


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2. Use Of The Church & Faciliies:

The file attached below (COVID-19 March25.pdf) from Bishop Logan clarifies the use of our buildings through to, and perhaps beyond, Easter. An excerpt from the letter states:

“We should not be in our buildings in groups of any size. I am also sorry that any gathering during Holy Week will not be permitted. I have been asked if we can gather outside (for example, at the beach), but the answer must be no. The Canadian government and our health officials have instructed all people to stay in our homes and only come out for essential reasons. Thus, Easter, for us, must happen in our homes."

Please read the entire letter. If you have any questions, the Wardens may be able to help you, or contact Lon if you need further assistance.


The Rev. Lon Towstego

His Cell Phone: (250) 208-9949
His email: [email protected]

I pray that our gracious and loving God hold you, your family and those you love and pray for close today. Hear the heartbeat of God and know that he hears ours.

Come Holy Spirit, Come!