Directions From Our Diocese


Refresher of our COVID Protocols for in person Worship

     Please do not sing during the hymns, we love to hear your voices but right now it is not a safe thing for us to be doing. We don’t want to remove the words or squash the music choices, however we cannot be singing at all.

No personal announcements should be made, if possible, let
Bob/Leslie know early in the week so they can be included in the
bulletin sheet given out. As Lon has explained this is mainly due
to not having multiple people using the microphones, and not
having people moving around, it is one of the protocols we must

Please do not remain in the worship space/hall after the service
chatting. It is better to go outside with proper physical distancing, where the conversations are safer.

Please try to follow the arrows when moving around, the spaces
have been provided so that you keep others safe.
Possibly one of the most important things is to email and let us
know if you plan to attend. St. Stephen has only reached a
maximum once, and we do not want to turn people away.
However this could happen. We do have a couple of ways around
this but prefer not to be in this situation at the door on Sunday at
8:55 or 10:55, I am sure you understand. By now you have seen
how the seating is arranged and why the number of people inside
can fluctuate depending on the number of people in a family
group? A couple of people have told us that they will be at church
every week and will call if they ARE NOT coming and this is helpful too. We do appreciate your help with this!!

Remember only come to church if you are well, use the checklist
before leaving home, and you are certainly welcome to use a
mask during the service but still no singing, we can hear you!!!!
It is good to be back to worship within the walls, even though it is different, it takes all of our cooperation to make this safe for

Thanks to everyone who are helping out and keeping a watchful
eye on ensuring that we do our best to follow the guidelines.
Thanks to Lynda Clifford for helping to write to this refresher.

Many thanks,
The Parish Leadership Team,
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Calm