Our Family

The Anglican Parish of Central Saanich is made up of two congregations: St Mary's and St Stephen's. We work together as one parish. Our Parish Leadership Team have faced head on the challenge of worshiping and gathering during COVID-19 and carefully follow protocols as initiated by The BC Ministry of Health and the Diocese of BC. We also reach out to those unable to attend. Please Email [email protected] if you need contact with the clergy. 

Our worship strives to lead us into God’s presence through the simplicity and beauty of Anglican liturgy. We emphasize the reading and preaching of God’s word, the receiving of Holy Communion, and our response through prayer and singing. Our worship alternates between traditional and contemporary language. We also strive to offer excellent programs for children and youth. Here's what you can expect at each location on Sunday:

St. Mary's is a modern building located in Saanichton. During COVID-19 our Sunday worship is at 9am. Please contact Ian or Jill Stuart at 250-598- 9707 and [email protected] to pre-register. The services are led by our clergy and choir, accompanied by piano and organ. There is also an interactive service of Holy Communion on Wednesday at 10am, followed by coffee and Bible study. 

St. Stephen's Church is a heritage building located in the Mount Newton valley. Sunday worship during COVID-19 we are worshipping in Memorial Hall. Children are welcome at all services but  onsite programs are on hold until post -COVID-19 days. Please register by contacting Lynda Clifford at 250-655-6478 or [email protected]The service is somewhat less formal, with music led by a musician on keyboard and or guitar. A band made up of guitars and drums leads the worship occasionally. Please check with the St. Stephen office as the pattern occasionally changes. 

Both congregations have opportunities for Bible study, prayer, outreach and fellowship as COVID-19 parameters permit. See the 'Ministries' page for more details. 

St. Stephen's Cemetery: The first known date of a burial in the St. Stephen's Cemetery was that of another member of the pioneer Thomson family. Young William aged nine was laid to rest in 1869. The burials have expanded from that first in 1869 to well over five hundred in the 1990′s.

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The Anglican Parish of Central Saanich doesn’t ‘go it alone’. We see ourselves as partners in God's mission in the world, along with all people of faith. More formally, though, we are part of a larger family:

We are a proud member parish of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia, those Anglican churches found on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and Kingcome Inlet on the Sunshine Coast. Informally, some have taken to calling us ‘the diocese of the islands and inlets’.

In 2015, we adopted a Vision as a diocese: Renewed Hearts, Renewed Spirits, Renewed People. Since then, we have embarked on a vision fullfillment journey to discern how God will guide us towards seeing our vision come to life in our parishes, communities and regions. We currently have a team working with Diocesan Leadership on Trnsforming Futures. To learn more please go to:  



Learn more about our Diocesan Vision

As a diocese, we are also part of the Anglican Church of Canada and the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Anglican Church of Canada is also in a ‘full communion’ partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.